Sunday, March 25, 2012

Playlist - March 25, 2012

Die Form - Silent Order - Histories
* Hex|Rx - Living on Video - Serial Hex Addict
* Eisbrecher - Tanz mit mir - Die Hölle muss warten

* Acretongue - Riven - Strange Cargo
* Mind.In.A.Box - Remember (Club Mix) - Revelations club.mixes

* The Absolution - For The Wicked - For The Wicked
 * Everything Goes Cold - The Iron Fist of Just Destruction - The Tyrant Sun
* Inure - This Death - The Offering
* The Frozen Autumn - Before The Storm - Chirality

Insomniaddict - Farewell - Upcoming release
oRdnance - iConsumed - Vol II
* The Beauty of Gemina - Dark Revolution - Iscariot Blues

Insomniaddict - Strangers (Upcoming release)

VNV Nation - Carbon - Futureperfect
Caustic - I Play Computer! (The Gothsicles Mix) - 666 on the Crucifix
Kevorkian Death Cycle - Death To The Flesh - A+o(m)

* Indicates New Release

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Update for Recent Guest Interviews

I just want to check in to let you know that I am still working on the editing of the audio files for both recent guest appearances. The Insomniaddict show is almost complete, and the Hex|Rx show is about half-way there.

Thanks for being so patient, the process does take a bit of time to do.

Hex|Rx Guest Appearance Recap

Although the entire week leading up to the show with Roger Jarvis of Hex|Rx was plagued with anxiety, once things got started the show went well. We actually covered all the questions that I put together for the interview, as well as managed to play several tracks from the EP "Serial Hex Addict" that was released on March 12. We talked about several things including the creative process for making music, the vision and evolution of Hex|Rx over the past few years and for the future. Roger also briefly spoke about some upcoming material that we can expect from his other musical endeavors. I was very pleased to hear that he is interested in coming back on the show in the future, and possibly even bringing some of the other artists he works with.

I will be posting photos and hopefully the audio of the interview online soon.

For more information regarding Hex|Rx, or other projects Roger is working on, as well as info about the record label you can go to the following sites:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Playlist - March 18, 2012

Die Form - Neurolepsia - Extremum
* The Absolution - Stitch My Soul - For The Wicked

* Hex|Rx - Brain Basher (Convicted Hex Offender Mix by Psykkle) - Serial Hex Addict
* Eisbrecher - Herz aus Eis - Die Hölle muss warten

* Hex|Rx - Living On Video - Serial Hex Addict
* Inure - All Alone - The Offering

* Hex|Rx - Crawler - Serial Hex Addict
* Acretongue - Strange Cargo - Strange Cargo

* Hex|Rx - Brain Basher (Brain Spillage Mix : W.A.S.T.E.) - Serial Hex Addict
Hex|Rx - Greed - X

* Indicates New Release

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Insomniaddict Guest Appearance recap

I was quite pleased with the show last night, despite the technical difficulties faced. Insomniaddicts's Ian Garner was kind enough to make a list of selections at my request to share with you to give some insight into the inspirations behind Insomniaddict music. We had such a great time chatting about the music creation process and other stuff, trying to keep my tangent-plagued brain focused, that we only played about half of the list he put together. Unfortunately we had trouble playing the new tracks he brought to share, but said he would get them to me soon to play on the show. I am planning on posting an audio file of the on-air time we shared, at least what part I was able to record, as well as a photo. Please feel free to check out the Insomniaddict pages for more information and to listen to the already released tracks from the self-titled EP.

Playlist - March 11, 2012

All tracks, except opening & closing selections, were handpicked by the in-studio guest Insomniaddiact's Ian Garner.

Die Form - Radiomorphism - Extremum
# Covenant - Dead Stars - United States of Mind
# And One - Panzermensch - Virgin Superstar

# Funker Vogt - Body Count - T
# Apoptygma Berzerk - Starsign - Welcome to Earth
# Moonbootica - Pretty Little Angel (feat. IAMX) - Moonbootica

# Insomniaddict - Farewell (Upcoming release)
VNV Nation - Control - Automatic
# Insomniaddict - Strangers - (Upcoming release)

Hex|Rx - Crawler (iVardensphere Remix-Public Disservice Announcement) - Serial Hex Addict

# Indicates Request

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hex|Rx appearance on the show March 18th

So...this is beyond excitement for me. If you have listened to my show on almost any week you would have heard me play/mention/drool over Hex|Rx. :-) I have invited Roger Jarvis(Hex|Rx, Kevorkian Death Cycle, Negative Gain Productions) to come hang out in the studio with me...and he agreed!!! I am still working on the details, but the date is set for March 18th. That is only a week and a half away!!!

I have been a busy bee this week prepping for interviews and trying to fight back the butterflies in my stomach. I am just hoping that I will not lose all cognitive abilities that night. This is a HUGE experience for me!!!

So get ready to...OBEY THE NOISE!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guest Appearance - Insomniaddict - March 11, 2012

So happy to announce that I will be welcoming my very first in-studio guest this coming weekend. Local artist Insomniaddict will be hanging out with me in the studio to share some fresh new music and talk about musical influences and much more.

Hope you can tune in for the show!

Hope the butterflies in the stomach will subside soon, but at least I know it is just a lot of excitement. :-)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Playlist - March 4, 2012

Die Form - Fossilized Light - In Human
* The Absolution - Indiscretion - For The Wicked
* The Frozen Autumn - Rallentears - Chirality
* oRdnance - In Your Face - Vol II

# Hex|Rx - Crawler (iVardensphere-Public Disservice Announcement) - Serial Hex Addict
* iVardensphere - Chasing The Dragon - APOK
* Absolute Body Control - Shattered Illusion - Shattered Illusion
* Everything Goes Cold - The Iron Fist of Just Destruction (The John Stamos of Remixes Remix by Alter Der Ruine) - The Tyrant Sun

* Inure - The Offering - The Offering
Malfaktor - Dark Energy
* Dark Drive Clinic - Silhouettes - Noise In My Head
Syn:Server - Revelations

* Eisbrecher - Herz aus Eis - Die Hölle muss warten
Bioassay - My Old Friend
* Acretongue - Amber - Strange Cargo

Insomniaddict - As One - Insomniaddict
* The Break Up - Trapeze - Synthesis
A Brilliant Massacre - New Pretender

Lumi Kormel - Papercutting My Soul
* Xiescive - Sex, Drugs & Electro - Nexus

* Indicates New Release
# Indicates Request