Friday, March 9, 2012

Hex|Rx appearance on the show March 18th

So...this is beyond excitement for me. If you have listened to my show on almost any week you would have heard me play/mention/drool over Hex|Rx. :-) I have invited Roger Jarvis(Hex|Rx, Kevorkian Death Cycle, Negative Gain Productions) to come hang out in the studio with me...and he agreed!!! I am still working on the details, but the date is set for March 18th. That is only a week and a half away!!!

I have been a busy bee this week prepping for interviews and trying to fight back the butterflies in my stomach. I am just hoping that I will not lose all cognitive abilities that night. This is a HUGE experience for me!!!

So get ready to...OBEY THE NOISE!!!

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