Sunday, February 15, 2015

Playlist - February 7, 2015

Thanks to DJ Athena for filling in for me so that I was able to get some rest. It was a very long 2 days of work and prepping party favors, so I thought it best not to drive having not slept in that time. Hope you enjoyed the replay of last December 20th show. Here is the list:

Virtual Terrorist - Firewall Breaker (DDOS Remix by Xerø) - Re-coded
Cyanotic - Order Out Of Chaos - Transhuman
Chemical Promise - Welcome to the Hunger [origin] - Destitution
Seabound - A Grown Man - Speak In Storms
Front Line Assembly - Killing Grounds (Greg Reely Remix) - Echoes
Hate Dept. - Matrimonial Blood (Microwaved Remix) - Spectre-New Ghost Remixes volley II
The Dreaming - Alone (Reamped Mix) - Alone
Mind.Divided - Heliopause - Leaving For Eden
Apollyon's Visage - Afflicted - Devour
Mental Discipline - Fall 2 Pieces - V/A: Wicked Trax

Crashfaster - Apex - Further
3TEETH - Unveiled - 3TEETH
And One - It Happened Last Night - I.S.T.
EFFTER - Mens Rea - Comorbidity
Rabbit Junk - IDONTGIVEAFUCK - Pop That Pretty Thirty
Force.Is.Machine - Defunct - Resurrection
Kevorkian Death Cycle - Tangled Souls - God Am I
Apollyon's Visage - Drugged At The Deathrave (Tenebrae Remix) - Re-Devour
Lucidstatic - Vaportrail - CRL Studios Presents: Pressure Valve Release
Alter Der Ruine - Poltergeist - I WIll Remember It All Differently
THYX - Waiting For You - Super Vision
Nitro/Noise - Want Some - No Cure For Apocalyps

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