Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Playlist - September 5, 2015

Thanks to Osburn of Nirvanic Trance for filling in on the show rather last minute notice, so that I was able to attend the entire 3 days of Manufactured in LA. I asked him to showcase Nirvanic Trance during the second hour because I love his show so much. I can't wait to get back into the studio this weekend to play some new stuff for you all.

Vio - Out Of Sync (Club Mix) (unreleased track)
Ginger Snap5 - Feel My Rhythm - Snapped By You
* Mr.Kitty - Shanghai - Fragments
* Le Hearse - Lycanthrope - Lycanthrope
Alter Der Ruine - Bury It (Mangadrive Remix) - Bury It
23:31 - The Messenger (remix by Amesha Spenta)
* Beauty Queen Autopsy - The Taxidermist - Lotharia
* Haujobb - Input Error- Input Error
* God[COMPLEX] - Corpse FlowR - March of [ICON]
* Ego Likeness - Rouge - When The Wolves Return
* Gentleman Junkie - Die In LA - From The Moment I Saw You
Chrysalide - Generation Screen - Lost In A Lost World
Mono Penguin - 3-21 [Bonus Track] [Decoded] - Patron

Here is where the Nirvanic Trance showcase begins:

Tinlicker - Empty Skies (Instrumental Mix)
Bitcrushers - Sick Thing To Do (James Bem's A&G Mix)
Montero - Explicit
Alex Metric - Deadly On A Mission
Aerospace - Crime Time
GOTIKO - Paradise Among A Hell
Vrije Staat - Versatile (A&S All-Dayer Rework)
deadmau5 - 1981 (Adam K Remix)
Gemini Jack - Indeep (Extended Club Mix)
Catalin Anton & Sovve - Holding On To Us (Thomas Cresine Remix)
Shake - Drinking The Clash
Invisible Reality - Visibility
Kalimax - Sound Game
Haldolium - Defunc

* Indicates Nee Release

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