Monday, August 8, 2016

Playlist - August 6, 2016

Had the pleasure of witnessing a beautiful sea-side wedding yesterday, so this upload is a bit later than normal. I love the recharge that the sounds of the waves crashing gives me.

Die Form - Dismember - ExHuman
Kirlian Camera - Materia Oscura - Black Summer Choirs
Gheists - Thinman (Wide Open Gates Mix by Valhall) - Age
Heven - Letter From My Demon Lover (Seven Devils Mix) - Letter From My Demon Lover
K-not - No More Tears (with Tineidae) - Digitize Me

Psykkle - Obsolete Mind Machine - Mother Monoxide
Human Error - An Era (Wormhead mix by Cryogenic Echelon) - Coping Mechanism
Angel Of Violence - The Promise (SINthetik Messiah Remix) - The Promise
Cease2Xist - The Unbearable Thought Of Defeat - Living By The Bullet

Glue On Smile - 01001110 01010011 01000001 (ft James Orez) - False Evidence Appearing Real
Machine Rox - Night Riot (Cryogenic Echelon Remix) - ANGER:REACTIVATED
Aengeldust - Bloodsport (:wumpscut: remix) - Bloodsport

Tokee - CF (iammynewt remix) - World Peace Remixes
DISKONNEKTED - Yesteryears (Radio Existence) - Yesteryears
Plastic Noise Experience - Control (7 inch version) - Control
The Causticles - Headbutt To The Guts - Eric Gottesman

Kevorkian Death Cycle - Blood Of Faust - God Am I
Effter - Beatxo - Godless Remix
Your Bunny Rot - Error Injection (Cutoff:Sky Remix) - Error Injection

Frontal Boundary - Time To Heal (Vanished Mix) - Electronic Warfare V2
Defeat - Outburst (G-Mix by G of Ghost In The Static) - Defeat Remixed
C2 - shudra - Sanguine
Anthracitic Moths - Shagom Marsh (Sleetgrout Mix) - Zwoelf
Disfigured Mistress - After The Fall (The New Flesh)

Draconic Elimination Projects - Reversal (featuring MixE1) - IN:PARALLEL
* Bat For Lashes - Sunday Love - The Bride

* Indicates New Release

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