Sunday, November 13, 2016

Playlist - November 12, 2016

Many thanks to DJ Dartanian for holding down the fort while I recover from the long, awesome nights of music in San Diego for the Coma Music Magazine 10 Year Anniversary Fest. I had a blast, and saw so many great performances, most of which I had not been able to catch before!

This playlist included tracks from most of the artists on the 2-day festival line-up, although time ran out before getting to the selected tracks from Chant, Kevorkian Death Cycle, and Leaether Strip. See you all next week for the show's very first live band performance by LA's very own lovelesslust! <3

Fractured Transmission - Cyclic - A Willing Suspicion Of Disbelief
Fractured Transmission - Spectre - To Know Is Uncertain

Die Sektor - Beneath - (-)existence
Die Sektor - ROM - V/A: WTII Records 2013 Free Sampler

Hex|Rx - My Eyes Are Red - X
Hex|Rx - Eviscerate - D

* KANGA - Animal - KANGA
* KANGA - Honey - KANGA

W.A.S.T.E. - DMT Zone - Humanity Needs An Upgrade
God Module - We Are Legend - Prophecy

Shiv-r - Eye Of The Needle - Wax Wings Will Burn
Shiv-r - Blood Rose (Transfused) - Wax Wings Will Burn

XIV - Lovers Block - Eta
Visions In Black - The Order

Gentleman Junkie - To Be The King - Soul To Soul
Gentleman Junkie - Die In LA - From The Moment That I Saw You

Vore Aurora - Null Plus Void
Vore Aurora - In Out And Thru

Mr.Kitty - Unstable - Life
Mr.Kitty - Xiii - Time

* Indicates New Release

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